Francis Indian School, one of the American Indian boarding schools at the time, along with six of her siblings. While in high school, she dropped out to care for a younger sister. She later returned to receive her diploma, eventually pursuing a college degree. She then studied hypnotherapy , graduating at the top of her class, and later opened her own clinic. After "Embraced" was published, Betty gave up her hypnotherapy practice and began traveling extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, speaking on death and the afterlife.

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Eadie claims to have died and encountered Jesus Christ along with other spiritual wonders. Her world view is an odd mixture of Mormon and New Age thought.

Tragically, her false ideas contributed to the suicide of a young woman named Allison. The gospel of Jesus Christ has always proclaimed exclusive deliverance from the fetters of sin and death.

Nevertheless, this tremendous truth is often counterfeited. These death-denying assertions are not based on Scripture, but on the testimonies of people who claim to have been clinically dead for a short time and to have experienced visions of a world beyond — a world of intense light and love.

Within six months the book was on the New York Times bestseller list, where it stayed for well over a year, selling more than a million copies. Paperback rights for the book were sold for nearly two million dollars, after which the paperback edition became a bestseller as well. Clearly, Embraced by the Light has tapped into a tremendous human desire to find peace, fulfillment, and freedom from fear.

I was instinctively attracted to it…. As I approached it, I noticed the figure of a man standing in it, with the light radiating all around him…. I felt his light blending into mine, literally, and I felt my light being drawn to his….

And as our lights merged, I felt as if I had stepped into his countenance, and I felt an utter explosion of love…. There was no questioning who he was. I knew that he was my Savior, and friend, and God.

He was Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, it calls for a dose of healthy skepticism. Eadie refuses to release her medical records or provide any corroborating evidence that she had actually died. She simply expects us to take her word for it. Eadie writes of a personal God who knows and loves her. She speaks of Jesus as God, Savior, and Lord. She mentions Satan and demons, as well as angels who guide and defend her.

She rejects reincarnation4 and briefly mentions resurrection. It is quite common for someone to use a biblical vocabulary, but not use the Bible as a dictionary. Eadie is a Mormon, a fact veiled in the current edition of Embraced by the Light.

It was originally marketed in the heavily Mormon areas of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada as a Mormon testimony. This view of Jesus aligns with the Mormon doctrine that there is no Trinity but three separate Gods, each in charge of his portion of the universe. Yet the Bible claims He is as divine as the Father and the Son, and that His ministry is essential in enabling people to understand divine truths John ; Eph.

Yet Jesus identifies this as the reason He came into the world John The cross of Christ is conspicuously absent in Embraced by the Light. Instead, she protested and bartered with them. The Bible, however, says only Jesus holds the keys of life and death Rev.

The apostle Paul, after speaking of the incarnation and crucifixion of Christ, affirmed that Jesus has been exalted to the highest place so that all should confess His Lordship. One who meets Jesus is in no position to complain, barter, or demand Phil. Again, this echoes the Mormon teaching that Jesus became divine through a process, as we can.

Yet this adoption does not make us divine. Eadie claims her heavenly visitation taught her that all religions should be accepted as appropriate for the people they serve. This sentiment is a staple of New Age syncretism, which asserts that all roads eventually lead to God. The Jesus of the Gospels, however, is more concerned with whether or not one has truly heard and obeyed His word; for God will not accept those who do not hear and obey. Jesus also declared that He is the only way to the Father John ; cf.

Acts Eadie says that when she saw Jesus, she remembered Him from a time before her physical birth. She also speaks of spirits awaiting and choosing their physical bodies.

Here Eadie repeats Mormon teaching at one level and denies it at another. She agrees with Mormonism that we exist as spirits before birth; she contradicts Mormonism by claiming that each soul chooses the body it will inhabit. Several passages speak of God knowing people before they were born Isa. They rather indicate that God knows His plans for a person even before that person exists, comparable to how an architect knows the building he or she has designed even before the foundation has been laid.

Eadie, however, says every human is similarly incarnated. Her claim diminishes the biblical emphasis on the uniqueness of Jesus.

The notion that premortal souls somehow contributed to the creation of the universe, as Eadie claims, also diminishes the character of God as absolute Creator, recorded in Genesis 1.

God neither needs nor uses any human assistance in creating, fashioning, or maintaining the cosmos Job ; John ; Acts By insisting on human cooperation in creation, Eadie breaks down the separation between the uncreated, all-powerful Creator and His finite creation.

In a television interview, Eadie used the idea of spiritual preexistence to explain the presence of evil in the world. She claimed that those who were tortured and killed during the Nazi Holocaust had chosen these earthly situations before birth.

But the ethical implications of such thinking are astounding. And if all Holocaust victims were not really victims at all but willing participants, then the Nazis should not be morally condemned; they were simply complying with the wishes of their subjects. The biblical view of bodily resurrection teaches that in the final state believers will be in their perfected bodies 1 Cor. The body, therefore, is not intrinsically inferior to the soul; the Creator can refashion it to become eternal and perfect.

Eadie mentions resurrection in passing, but her basic ideas are unbiblical. Spiritually, we are at various degrees of light — which is knowledge — and because of our divine, spiritual nature we are filled with the desire to do good. Eadie also distorts the biblical teaching on the entrance of sin into the world. The Scriptures teach that all people since the first couple have inherited a predisposition to sin Ps.

Eadie views salvation as the acquiring of knowledge, which leads a person from an earth-bound perspective to a more spiritual one. Her words often affirm the Mormon doctrine of eternal progression. In other words, we are all potentially gods. When Eadie claims she became omniscient during her NDE, she resonates both with the New Age idea that humans are inherently divine and the Mormon doctrine that humans can progress to deity. Yet the apostle Paul clearly taught that there is but one God and one mediator between God and finite, sinful humans, and that mediator is Jesus Christ 1 Tim.

While God is unlimited in His knowledge, humans will always be limited in what they know, both in this life and the next Rom. She never worships Jesus or the Father, nor do any of the other spiritual beings she encounters.

John, a committed follower of Christ, beheld His glory face-to-face. In the biblical account, there is first awe and worship, and then comfort see also Isa. Eadie also harmonizes with New Age ideas when she speaks of having always been a part of Jesus. We were all one. The Book of Revelation is filled with saints and angels worshiping before the throne of this transcendent God Rev. Eadie and her angels have other things on their minds.

Although Eadie does refer to Satan and demons, apparently they are unsuccessful in seducing anyone into hell. She teaches that all humans will return to their heavenly home through Jesus, thus excluding any divine punishment for unforgiven sin. Yet Jesus Himself often preached on the awful state of those who reject the love of God, and even highlighted the eternal torment of those whose actions betray their lack of trust in Him Matt. Although she portrays these creatures as benevolent spiritual beings, a biblically oriented approach cautions us to look beneath appearances.

Satan can masquerade as an angel of light and his fallen angels as servants of righteousness 2 Cor. Assuming that Eadie had the NDE as she describes it, her monastic escorts may well have been less than saintly; for the message Eadie received from them and the other spiritual beings is at odds with biblical teaching.

Not everyone wearing a robe is reliable. According to Eadie, heaven is our natural right: it is where we all will return; there is no threat of forfeiture. Death came as a punishment for sin Gen. Although Alli had been involved in a Christian church and had the support of a loving family, her life took a troubling turn. Her boyfriend went through a crisis of faith followed by depression and his tragic suicide.

Her family did not think Alli had been feeling suicidal or overly despondent. Her car was found in Rocky Mountain National Park, and a massive hunt began.

After nearly three weeks, on June 5, her body was found at the bottom of a cliff. An eight-page, hand-written suicide note was in her pocket. But it seemed from the note that her decision to commit suicide was prompted more by anticipation of the afterlife than by disappointment with this life. In the note, Alli underscored her love for her family and friends, and urged them not to let her death bring them down.

I will be more than willing to return if God asks me to. Her parents told me she had read Embraced by the Light about six months prior to writing her suicide note, and that she had read it again shortly before she drove to the mountains, hiked to the top of a cliff, and plunged to her death.

Moreover, Eadie never recommends or in any manner encourages suicide in her book. She was searching for an end to the pain she was feeling inside…. If she had been thinking biblically, she would not have rationalized her suicide by believing that she and her family had been together in heaven before their earthly lives; that they would all be together in heaven again even though her father was not a Christian when she wrote her suicide note ; that she would have the opportunity to choose to return to earth if her death were premature; that death is a glorious gateway to paradise for all who pass through it; and that heaven is a place where everyone eventually will be reunited in eternal bliss.

By contrast, the Bible emphasizes: 1 our life on earth is a gift from God that we have no right to resent; 2 we are morally accountable to a holy God for the obedient stewardship of our life; 3 eternal life comes only through trusting in the atoning work of Jesus Christ; 4 death is an enemy that will be finally defeated only at the end of the age; 5 God can redeem any earthly situation for good; and 6 we need to stay alive in order to evangelize others who might inherit heaven and avoid hell.

Spiritual error can have lethal consequences.


Betty Eadie

Shelves: spirituality , new-age , biography , religion , metaphysics Embraced by the Light is the sort of book you read very quickly in the bathtub. By the time the bath water is cold, you have finished the book. The book is written at approximately an eighth grade reading level. The books author, Betty J. Eadie, is super religious and made lots of Biblical references in the book that I didnt understand as my background is not in Christianity.


Deceived by the Light



Embraced by the Light


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