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All rights re served. N o part of this publication may be repr oduced, transmitted, tr anscribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by an y means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherw ise, without the pr BenQ MP - page 7 Important safety inst ruct ions 1 Important safet y instructions Y our Ben Q projector is desig ned and tested to mee t the latest standa rds for safety of information tec hnology equipme nt.

Howev er , to en sure safe use of thi s product, it is important that you follow the instructions me ntio ned in this manual and mark ed on the product. The lamp becomes extremely hot during op eration. Allow the proj ecto r to co ol fo r app roximat ely 45 minut es prior to remo ving the lamp assembly for replacement. Do not operate lamps beyond the rated lamp li fe. Ex cessiv e operation of lamps bey ond the rated life could cause them to Do not plac e this project or in an y of the following environments.

Allow at least 50 cm clearance from walls and free flo w of air around the pr ojector. Do not step on the projector or place any objects upon it. Besides probable physical damage to th e projector , doing so may result in ac cidents and possible injur y. Do not bloc k the proj ection lens with any objects when th e projector is under operation as this c ould c BenQ MP - page 11 Introducti on 5 Int rod uc ti on Pr ojector featur es The projector integ rates high-p erformance optical engi ne projection and a user-friendly des ign to d eliv er h igh rel iabi lity an d ease o f use.

BenQ MP - page 12 Introduction 6 Shipping cont ents The project or is shipped with the cables r equired for c onnection to a PC and to video eq uip me nt. I f any of these items are missing, please contact your place of pur chase. The supplied accessories will be suit able for Lower sid e 1.

Exte rnal control panel See "External control panel" on page 8 for detailed information. V entilation grill 3. Projection lens P ower Refer to "S tar t up" on page 21 and "Shutdo wn" on page 26 for mor e infor- mation.

T urns the projector on or off. Blank Ref er to "Hiding the image" on page 25 for more information. U sed to hide the sc reen image. Y ou can pr ess any k BenQ MP - page 15 Introducti on 9 When the on-scr een menu is activated, th e 9 t o 10 buttons are used as directional arrows to select the desired menu items and to make adjustments. Focus r ing Refer to "Fine -tuning the image size and clarity" on page 23 for more information. Adj usts the focus of t BenQ MP - page 16 Introduction 10 Manu ally corrects dist orted images res ulting from an angled pr ojection.

P age Up and Do wn Refer t o "Remote pag ing oper ations" on page 26 for more information. BenQ MP - page 17 Positioning your projector 11 P ositioning y our projector Choosi ng a locat ion Y our projec tor is designe d to be installed in one of four possible installat ion locations: 1.

Floor in front of screen; 2. Ceiling in front of scree n; 3. Floor at rear of screen; 4. Ceiling at rear of scree n. Y our room layout or personal preferenc e w ill dictat BenQ MP - page 18 Positioning your project or 12 O btaining a preferred pr ojected image size The distanc e from the pr ojector lens t o the screen, the zoom setting, and the video format each factor s in the projected image size. The maximum nativ e resolution of the project o r is x pixels, which is a 4 to 3 aspect ratio expressed as BenQ MP - page 19 Positioning your projector 13 horizontal distance from t he centre of the sc reen pr ojection distance , and the v ertical offset heigh t of the projector from the horizontal edge of the screen offset.

Ho w to deter mine the posi tio n of the project or for a give n screen size: 1. Select your screen size. Ref er to the table and fi nd the c T urn all equipment off before making an y conn ections. U se the corr ect signal cables for each source.

Ensure the cables are firmly inser ted. In the connections shown below , some cables m ay not be included with the projector see "Shipping T o connect the proj ec T o connect the projector to an S-Video source T o connect the proj e Plug the p ower co rd in to the proje cto r and into a wal l socket.

T u rn on the wall so ck et sw itch where fitted. Check that the Pow e r i n d ic a t o r on the projector lig hts orange afte r power has been applied. Remo ve the lens cap. If it is le ft on, it could bec ome deformed due t o heat. BenQ MP - page 28 Operat ion 22 2.

When t he function is activated for the first time, a prompt will di splay on the screen. U se the Up 5 or Down 6 button to select a n umber for each digit of the passwo rd. U se the Left 3 or Right 4 button to move between the d igits of the password.

When all digits are entered and the password is ready , press Au to to confir BenQ MP - page 29 Operation 23 4.

Check the new passwor d. Pressing Aut o completes the procedure. Pr ess Up 5 to try again. Press Do wn 6 to cancel the set-up and r eturn to the on-screen menu. A djusting the heig ht The projector is equi pped with 1 quick-release adjuster foot and 1 rear adjuster foot.

T hese adjusters c hange the image height and pr o BenQ MP - page 30 Operat ion 24 Corr ecting keysto ne K eystoning re fers to the situation wher e the projecte d image is noticeably wider at either the top or bottom. It occurs when the projector is not p erpendicular to the screen. BenQ MP - page 31 Operation 25 Selecting an a pplication mo de The pr ojector is pr eset with several pr edefined application modes so that you can ch oose one to suit your oper ating environment and input source pictur e ty pe.

T o select a operation mode that suits your need, pr ess Mo de. The picture modes a vailable for differ ent ty pes of signals are shown be See "Connecting a c omputer" on page 15 for details. Connect the projector to your PC or noteb Functions available when rec eiving different signal ty pes There are 17 different menu languages. Refer t o page "4. Advance me nu" on page 33 for more detail s.

The followi ng example descri bes the adjustment of the keystone. Press 6 Me nu on the proj BenQ MP - page 35 Operation 29 1. Picture men u Some picture adjustment s are available only when certain input sources are in use.

Unavailable adjustment s are not shown on the screen. T1: With the highes t color temperature, T 1 makes the image appear the most bluish white than other settin gs. T2: Mak es images appear bluish whit e. T3: Maintains normal colorings for w hite. T4: Mak es BenQ MP - page 37 Operation 31 2. Pr o-Picture menu Some picture adjustment s are available only when certain input sources are in use.

On : The pix BenQ MP - page 38 Operat ion 32 3. V olume 5 Adjusts audio volume level. The range is from 5 to seconds. Quick Cooling of f Enables or d isables t BenQ MP - page 39 Operation 33 4.

C ontact your deale r for the ceiling mount bracket optional acc essor y if you need to install the pr ojector on your ceili ng.

Ref er to "Choosing BenQ MP - page 41 Operation 35 5. Information menu This menu shows you the current operating status of the projec tor.


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BenQ MP610 User Manual


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