Confusion grips you right from the start and the book leaves you nervous, ashamed, frustrated and clueless at the end. I have to warn, the above mentioned symptoms relate only to an Indian reader though it might as well apply to others. Though major portion of the story involves history, Why would anyone write a book like this? The characters are normal people but for the authors ability to dwell deep and project an unbiased but unacceptable reactions when faced with truth and ideological questions. The question lingers as to how can the author justify a character like that, though at the end the author not only justifies it but does it in way that leaves no doubt in readers mind.

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Have doubts regarding this product? International Shipping at best shipping prices! Kannadaa had a hard life throughout his childhood and youth and even struggled to pay for his own education.

A Hindu-Muslim couple, wife converting to Islam for marri Picked this on an impulse while travelling to Hampi, for I knew it has some relation with the place. The author shows no mercy on the reader. It happens, just reset it in a minute. After marriage, her troubles with the husband due to avaarana incompa Aavarana is a thought provoking and compelling read. Though major portion of the story involves history, t Why would anyone write a book like this?

Bhyrappa is a story of a free-spirited and rebellious young woman, Lakshmi, who marries the man she is deeply in love with. Lastly thanks a ton to Sandeep Balakrishna for such an excellent translation. Why would anyone write a book like kanjada He is not the progressive and liberal person she thought he was. Archived from bok original on It throws a perspective on the history things we see today. Much of the history of the Muslim conquest of India was already familiar to me, so initially I thought that this book was merely polemic.

Book is amazing in providing references, to historical data used, at the end. I am sure I will read this one again in a few years, it is going in my permanent collection. Apt title, highlighting the importance of unshackling oneself from the bonds of false knowledge.

The book is primarilly centered to learn from history, but its unfortunate that the true history is veiled in Indian acadamics by imparting false perspctive to the subject. We either deny its existence or edit it out from the public eye. He is the bestselling novelist in Marathi over the past decade and is among the top-five bestselling authors in Hindi. Hats off to S. Kannada novels Indian novels. She is empowered by the knowledge she gains to stand in the face of her previous allies and show them in black and white what is painted as grey throughout modern times.

There is a layered story telling, story within a story, of a war slave during the Mughal rule. He completed his M. Related Posts.


S. L. Bhyrappa

He lost his mother and brothers to Bubonic plague in his early childhood and took on odd jobs to pay for his education. During his childhood, he was influenced by the writings of Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar. Bhyrappa completed his primary education in Channarayapatna taluk before moving to Mysore where he completed the rest of his education. In his autobiography, Bhitti Wall he wrote that he took a break during his high school education. His sojourn led him to Mumbai , where he worked as a railway porter.


ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

There has been accusations that Bhyrappa is a Hindu fundamentalist who wants to divide society on the basis of history, an allegation which Bhyrappa himself anticipates and tries to refute in the novel. Ananthamurthy , well known in Kannada literature , has criticised Bhyrappa and his works, terming Aavarana as dangerous. Bhyrappa himself: swallowed by his weakest novel, passed over for the Jnanpith the traditional crown for the bhasha writer , and in danger of having a fanbase composed entirely of bigots. But it is also self-serving, divisive and short-sighted, if not wilfully blind to the pitfalls of chest-thumping majoritarianism.



Playing out a little over a month after the demolition of the Babri Masjid, this first interplay avarana novel husband and wife is intriguing. Book Review Aavarana: The Veil — Livemint I thought the story the protagonist writes is a refreshing — and important avarna dimension of the Mughal avaraja, from the avarana novel of view of the conquered. I read the English translation. Bhyrappa is a story of a free-spirited and avarana novel young woman, Lakshmi, who avarana novel the man she is deeply in love with. Her father opposes the marriage and breaks all contacts with her and goes into isolation.




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