Environmental care is also a key factor to design, since we are committed to the human healthcare business," said Dr. Yoshihiro Yoshikawa, president of Aloka. Some of the key features include Directional eFLOW TM which visualizes blood flow dynamics from low to high velocity flow without overlapping and with a high degree of accuracy. The excellent spatial resolution of this new Doppler imaging modality on the alpha 7 is ideal for the examination of the fetal heart. Both patients and specialists are likely to benefit from this advanced technology," said Dr.

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The ProSound Alpha 6 multi-purpose system provides unprecedented performance in a variety of ultrasound applications and is fully upgradeable and easy to use. Building upon the proven technology of the high performance ProSound Alpha 10 and Alpha 7, the ProSound Alpha 6 addresses multiple diagnostic applications in one system. The new system is released with a full suite of application-specific probes and software, designed for general imaging, cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynecology, and internal medicine.

The Alpha 6 high power processor allows a number of different imaging modes previously seen only in high end systems, without compromising image quality or color Doppler sensitivity. This latest addition to the ProSound Alpha series is also designed for ease of use. Its compact, ergonomic design features a large, programmable touch screen for quick access to frequently-used controls. The ProSound Alpha 6 is mobile, economical, and environmentally friendly, with reduced power consumption.

The robust systems are fully functional in all work environments from research to ultrasound departments to private practices. About Aloka Aloka Company, Ltd. TSE: , an innovator in ultrasound for more than 50 years is the oldest continuously operating ultrasound company in the world. Aloka is one of the most experienced and innovative firms in the diagnostic ultrasound market. Aloka introduced the world to color Doppler technology in Today, this technique has become an indispensable diagnostic tool for ultrasound examinations in a wide variety of clinical applications.


Aloka Alpha 6

Compact enough to be used in any type of small space, the ProSound 6 is perfect for outpatient consulting rooms, examination rooms, operating rooms and for point-of-care applications. The refurbished ProSound 6 was designed with a premium LCD monitor that provides highly optimized diagnostic viewing of all images. In addition to offering premium imaging technologies, the ProSound 6 also includes highly effective digital image management capabilities. A: Unlike other black and white ultrasound systems, ExPHD increases image accuracy by reducing echoes without sacrificing sensitivity.


Aloka Announces New ProSound Alpha Series Ultrasound System

The advanced architecture of the ARIETTA 60 has been completely redesigned and its premium performance is created by the commitment to produce exceptional "sound". ProSound Alpha 7 High-performance for easier diagnosis, shorter exam times, and increased efficiency. Noblus The expertly designed Noblus represents a new class of sleek and powerful ultrasound systems bringing outstanding functionality wherever it is needed. Deployed everywhere from Emergency Departments and Critical Care Units to Imaging Centers and Private Practice, Noblus provides an application-rich platform in a compact and maneuverable package. ProSound F37 Simplicity enhanced in a compact and practical design. The F37 delivers outstanding images while mantaining comfort for the patient and the examiner. ProSound F75 Our Ultra Premium F75 ultrasound system is designed for maximum flexibility and utility across multiple imaging environments.


Aloka Unveils New ProSound Ultrasound Systems

The iF seal of approval for outstanding design quality is formal recognition of the ProSound Alpha 6. The Alpha 6 offers a large, programmable touch screen panel layout for quick access to frequently used controls, and is designed to be mobile as well as ergonomically, economically and environmentally friendly, with reduced power consumption. Additionally, iF is showcasing the design award winners on its website and at the Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany through August — with , visitors expected. TSE: , an innovator in ultrasound for 60 years, is the oldest continuously operating ultrasound company in the world.

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