Connecting with other t-people helps us feel normal in a world that rarely offers us that respite and is an integral part of my topic here today, Finding A Personal Solution to Being Transgendered. Connecting is one part, and the two other parts are also C-words. They are compassion and creativity. Why make so much of my life public? Why invest my most productive years into writing a crossdressing memoir? Good question, I sometimes catch myself thinking, before remembering what moved me.

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Start your review of Alice in Genderland Write a review Shelves: biography , cross-dressing When it first appeared on the scene 6 years ago, Alice in Genderland was one of the first memoirs to deal proudly and openly with the subject of crossdressing. No less relevant today, it has been updated and revised, making it worth revisiting. Depending on where you are in your life, and how comfortable you are with your crossdressing, this can be a difficult read.

Richard never shies away from sharing those difficult questions that plague us all, at one time or another, but he also doesnt fall When it first appeared on the scene 6 years ago, Alice in Genderland was one of the first memoirs to deal proudly and openly with the subject of crossdressing. In fact, one of the elements of his story that rang most true for me is the series of rules he comes up with to try and apply a logical, intellectual structure to what is entirely an irrational, emotional need for expression.

Nothing in life — except, possibly its challenges — is simply handed to us. For me, reading about his early explorations was as uncomfortable as it was eye-opening. Time and time again I saw myself in his words, remembering the delight of slipping into that stolen pair of panties, or that borrowed ill-fitting bra. I vividly remembered the same sickening sensation of dropping from the heights of comfort to the depths of guilty remorse, carried along by the same desperate questions.

At no point, however, does Richard ever offer any direct advice, or ever suggest that anybody live as he has done. The single biggest difference I see between the two of us that of the extrovert Richard and the introvert myself , which accounts for our diverging paths. Ultimately, Richard sets himself up as a just one example of a crossdressing life, inviting us to take from his experiences what we will.

In the end, what sets this memoir apart, and what makes it worth reading and even rereading , is the humour that he brings to his story. Richard is not above making light of his mistakes, and is entirely comfortable in pointing out his own absurdities. As an open and honest tale, it does include some very frank discussions of sexuality that some readers may be uncomfortable with.


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