ACI 116R 00 PDF

See also abrasion damage and cavitation damage. See also sway brace and X-brace. See also creep; and creep, drying. See also deformation, inelastic. See also factor, Philleo. See also beam, spandrel; girder; girt; joist; ledger; purlin; and stringer.

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Brasar See also foundation, raft. See also concrete, lightweight and concrete, low-density. See plaster and plaster of paris. See also biological shielding. ACI Tolerances for See also concrete, no-fines. See also standard deviation. See also process, drycast. See also joint, isolation; joint, expansion; and joint, construction. See also alite; belite; felite; and brownmillerite. See also air, entrained. See also fog curing. I-section—beam cross section consisting of top and bottom flanges connected by a vertical web.

See also wall, stub. See also moist room. See also concrete, lean. See also concrete, architectural. See also ack and crazing; also known as pattern cracking. International Concrete Abstracts Portal See also acci, primary. See also damage, abrasion, and erosion.

See also concrete, polymer, mortar, epoxy; and resins, epoxy. See also bonder and wythe [leaf. See also cement, low-alkali.

See also r and curing, membrane. E early ages of concrete —the period following the time of final setting during which properties are changing rapidly and heat evolution is important; for concrete made with Type I cement stored moist at 73 F 23 Cit is the first 72 h. See also flow, capillary. See also expansion; shrinkage; swelling; volume change; and volume change, autogenous. Dunagan analysis—a method of separating the ingredients of freshly mixed concrete or mortar to determine the proportions rr the mixture.

See also set, warehouse. See also deformation, inelastic. See also beam, spandrel; girder; girt; joist; ledger; purlin; and stringer. See also mixing time. See also water, adsorbed. See also limits, Atterberg. See also vapor barrier. See also beam hanger. One mission of Committee is to produce and maintain a list of terms acl their meaning in the field of cement and concrete technology.

The committee is aware that some of the definitions included may seem entirely self-evident to 00 expert in the concrete field. See also centrifugal process. D-line cracks—see D-cracks preferred term. The American Concrete Institute disclaims any and all responsibility for the stated principles.

See also atmosphericpressure steam curing, autoclave curing, singlestage curing, and two-stage curing. See also concrete, boron-loaded. See also concrete, zero-slump and concrete, no-slump. It recognizes, however, that the listing may not be complete and that some definitions may be at variance with some commonly accepted meanings. Atterberg test—see test, Atterberg. See also concrete, central-mixed; concrete, shrink-mixed; and concrete, d.

See also bolt, anchor. See also rodding and tamping. See also gehlenite, melilite, and merwinite. Hardy Cross method—see moment distribution. Blaine apparatus—air-permeability apparatus for measuring the surface area of a finely ground cement, raw material, or other product. See also mud d and subbase.

ACI Committee Reports, Guides, Standard Practices, and Commentaries are intended for guidance in planning, designing, executing, and inspecting construction. TOP Related Posts.


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ACI 116R 00 PDF


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