Sophie is a lovely girl, if a bit too easily pushed around. And Sophie herself would like something more than waiting tables. She has a plan: Save enough money to take a tailoring and business course and open her own shop. But first she must look after Evil Uncle Eric while his housekeeper is away her family insists—Uncle Eric is loaded, and they are hoping for an inheritance , and then she is off to New York to temporarily nanny for a local family.

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Warm, witty and a pleasure to read. So when an old friend offers her the chance of a lifetime, she decides to swap Little England for the Big Apple, and heads off to the land of opportunity. And when fate throws her together with Matilda, a spirited grande dame of New York society who invites her to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, she willingly accepts. English-born Matilda is delighted with her new friend—though her grandson Luke, undeniably attractive but infuriatingly arrogant, is anything but welcoming.

When Luke arrives in England a few weeks later, Sophie hardly expects him to seek her out. But Matilda has hatched some complicated plans of her own—and so Luke has a proposal to make, but it hardly seems perfect.

The characters are likeable and believeable — especially Sophie, with whom you empathise, and Matilda, who is just the kind of feisty, fun new friend any woman would be happy to have. Luke is a wonderful hero — imperfect, of course, and prone to negativity, but that just makes him real and makes the ending all the better.

I did find myself a little impatient to meet Luke early on in the book; the author takes her time brining him into the plot. But the early chapters build a foundation for the character of Sophie and the tale to follow. I enjoyed the story, and did not find it predictable. The settings are also vivid and appealing; I liked the juxtaposition of American and British in terms of place and characterisation.

The writing style is fresh and light, and makes for easy reading, making this a quick-grab book that will lighten your mood in a jiffy.

If you like modern, sassy romance with strong, realistic characters and an edge of humour, this is a great choice of book. A Perfect Proposal is available now from Amazon; click on the book cover below to visit the store.


A Perfect Proposal (2010)

Shelves: books-read , for-review Sophie Apperly is the unintentional black sheep of her family, she isnt an academic like them, and all they seem to do is boss her around, leaving her with little choice but to do as they please. However, after they send her off to look after her Uncle Earl, Sophie realises her family are nothing but greedy money-grabbers so when her best friend Milly invites her to New York, Sophie jumps at the chance. Sophie loves being in New York and her holiday gets even better when she unintentionally befriends a spirited old British lady called Matilda. It might be predictable and some people might not like it but it works for me and as long as Katie keeps writing books, I will keep reading them. Added to the fact is Sophie is on her own quest to find out about some drilling rights that may have been bequeathed to her family years ago.


A Perfect Proposal





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