Start your review of Kronika ptaka nakrecacza Write a review Shelves: novels I had been wondering where my cat was when the phone rang. It was a woman offering to have no strings sex with me. I made some non-committal remarks to her and put the receiver down. I hate those cold callers. I had nothing to do that day, or any other day, so I walked down the back alley and fell into a desultory conversation with a random 16 year old girl who had a wooden leg and a parrot on her shoulder. She suggested I help her make some easy money by counting bald people.

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Kazrakazahn She hires him to relieve clients, middle-aged or older women, of some kind of inner turmoil that develops inside of them. In addition to reducing the word count, some chapters were moved ahead of others, taking them out of the context of the original order. Chapter 17 is not completely removed, instead the excerpt where Toru takes passport photos is removed and the very lengthy conversation Toru has with his uncle about buying real estate is condensed into one English paragraph [9].

Toru receives sexual phone calls from a woman who says she knows him. After this he meets with May Kasahara and they watch the demolition of the Miyawaki house.

Toru notices Kumiko is wearing perfume that has been gifted to her by some unknown person. Further differences exist between the American and British editions, but these are much more superficial. The cat remains missing. After Toru has hung out there for a while with no luck, May Kasahara, a teenager, who had been watching him camping out the alley for some time, questions him. Ending book 2 nakreczcza this cliff hanger [9]. Toru fights back with the bat and kills the man, before escaping back to the well.

This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat Kumiko calls Toru to explain that he should meet with the clairvoyant Malta Kano, who will help with finding the cat. While at the bottom of the well of the abandoned houseToru reminisces about earlier times with Kumiko, including their first date to an aquarium where they looked at jellyfish.

The abandoned house is revealed to possibly contain some strange omen, as it had brought bad luck to all of its prior tenants. To this request he agrees and leaves behind memorabilia of his old life with his wife. Views Read Edit View nakfecacza. Malta Kano had come recommended from her brother Noboru Wataya, which is also the name of the cat.

While loitering in the city, he spends most of the day sitting outside a donut shop and people-watching. Later in the chapter Toru is swimming at the ward pool nakrrcacza he dreams in the pool about floating at the bottom of the well, presented in earlier chapters, and hearing horses dying during an eclipse.

Creta meets Toru at his home and begins to tell him the story of her past, involving being raped by Noboru, but abruptly leaves. Instead of giving advice, he spends most of their sessions retelling the same story of his experience in the Kwantung Army in the lost tank battle with the Russians at Nomonhan on the Manchukuo -Russian border during World War II. Finally, Toru is able to travel to the hotel room from the well and confronts the woman, realizing that she is Kumiko and breaking the spell.

In the well, bruised and unable to move, Toru passes out after the well fills with water. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The German translation by Giovanni and Ditte Bandini is based on the English translation, not on the Japanese original. Cinnamon saves him, and some days later Nutmeg notifies him that in this reality Noboru had a stroke and is now in a coma. It is revealed in this reality that Noboru has been beaten into a coma by a bat, with the assailant described to look just like Toru.

Toru periodically nakrecacaz to the bottom of the well to think and attempt to revisit the hotel room. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. Mamiya was also left to die in a deep well before being saved by corporal Honda.


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