Births and deaths were not recorded in his time, and for him his father simply made up 2 February for his school enrollment at Modern School, New Delhi. His birth name, given by his grandmother, was Khushal Singh meaning "Prosperous Lion". He was called by a pet name "Shalee". At school his name earned him ridicule as other boys would mock at him with an expression, "Shalee Shoolie, Bagh dee Moolee" meaning, "This shalee or shoolee is the radish of some garden. But he later discovered that there was a Hindu physician with the same name, and the number subsequently increased. There he met his future wife, Kanwal Malik, one year his junior.

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It says all I want to say about my being an inveterate Joker. I was on a diet of pills and in poor health. Laughter is evidently the elixir of life, the best tonic in the world to ensure a long and happy life.

Everyone of the earlier books in the series has gone into more than a dozen reprints. They are to be seen on pavement, railway station and airport bookstalls. But not everyone enjoys jokes, especially when they are the target. This is especially true of politicians who have notoriously thin skins.

We have had quite a few very good cartoonists - Shankar Pillai, R. Their cartoons have enlivened our newspapers and magazines and brought a smile on our faces. But many politicians and political parties take themselves very seriously and consider far too many topics as sacred cows not to be laughed about. They take umbrage at being the butt of jokes. Laughter for them is no laughing matter. They serve who poke fun at them with legal notices - or worse.

I cannot take credit for the jokes appearing in the book. A large number were sent to me by readers who have been acknowledged by their names. Some I made up or moulded from jokes I picked up from friends, books and magazines. At the end of the day, more than my other work as a novelist, short story writer, historian of the Sikhs or translator, I am known for my joke books. I am known as a Joker.


Khushwant Singh's Joke Book 9

But for the common man, his most well known work will always be his joke books. After all, to the lay man Khushwant Singh was to Santa-Banta jokes, what Facebook is to our social lives. Source: Patrika But are the days of these oft-repeated jokes and smses over? Harvinder Chowdhury, a Sikh lawyer has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against websites that have made a career out of such quips.


Khushwant Singh's Joke Book 9 Quotes

A Pakistani had stolen them. Counting of votes begins in Telangana. Chhattisgarh election results Telangana Election Results What a lamp post is to a dog, a wall is to an Indian. Trouble Khushdant Angrezee Learning. Widows Santo and Banto were discussing about their husbands.

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