These answers give you a window into the areas in which you may have experienced Emotional Neglect as a child. The more questions you answered "Yes", the more likely CEN has affected your life. This has been proven over and over again in study after study. If you ignore your emotions, you will feel ignored on some level, no matter how much care you give yourself in other ways. If you are not attending to your emotions, you are by-passing a vital source of connection and joy. Why is it so difficult to live with CEN?

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The good and the bad: awards, accomplishments, mistreatment or abuse. It all has an impact. But there is another factor from childhood which has an equal or even greater effect than childhood events, like awards, mistreatment or abuse. Emotional Neglect is the white space in the family picture; the background rather than the foreground. Children who are emotionally neglected then grow up to have a particular set of struggles.

Because their emotions were not validated as children, they may have difficulty knowing and trusting their own emotions as adults. Because an important part of themselves their emotional self has been denied, they may find themselves feeling disconnected, unfulfilled or empty. They may have difficulty trusting or relying upon others.

Another way that parents can unwittingly emotionally neglect their child is to fail to give him the structure and rules to live by, like consequences and discipline. As a result, the emotionally neglected often struggle with self-discipline as adults.

Whatever the level of parental failure, the emotionally neglected have no childhood memories to explain their difficulties.

So, too often, they blame themselves. To this day, Emotional Neglect has been overlooked. My goal is to shine a light on this powerful but invisible force. To give people a common language to talk about it, and to offer an explanation to the scores of people who are suffering in silence, wondering what is wrong with them. Meet Dr. Jonice Webb Dr. Click Here to learn more. Success Stories This program has changed my life. This program has changed my life.

Webb, and now this program. I no longer feel so alone. We were pulling for each other emotionally. As everybody explored the lessons and exercises, I heard echoes of my own story. The support was there for me to get over my embarrassment. Soon I realized we were pulling for each other emotionally.

What a welcome experience after an emotionally neglectful childhood. I now have tools for emotional awareness I can use every day with myself and others. My relationships are growing deeper and more satisfying.


This program has changed my life.



Jonice Webb


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