There are other things I could look at. We read them with care, with our guard up, only to find they have already slipped inside and gotten to work, refining the feelings, the vision, the life. Among other accolades, Evenson has received an O. Since the stories in The Wavering Knife what have you been working on? It has some very odd moments. What else is out there?

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Paperback , Bison Books The paperback contains an introduction by Alphonso Lingis and a new afterword by the author. Instead, he chose to leave Brigham Young. The paperback edition contains an additional story, the O. Henry Prize winner "Two Brothers", an introductio by philosopher Alphonso Lingis, and an afterword by the author in which he describes the controversy surrounding the publication of the book. Its moods are chilling, its temperament is cold, and the episodes that construe its twenty-five short fictions and the long fiction, The Sanza Affair, are, in every aspect, brutal—as if brutality was the medium of our relations with one another and the instrument of our will to record the ultimate expression of ourselves.

Only diction and syntax count—and they count only insofar as they might succeed in freeing utterance to enact itself at its most cruel. For reasons the language knows, there are events—bystanders slain for passing along wrong directions to motorists in leisurely pursuit of dark errands, fathers interring children without bothering to walk a little distance to inform the mothers, mothers seeking to reintroduce sons to the incomparable solace of the maternal fold—that issue out of certain densities of feeling, out of certain intensities of action.

It may be that a prefix or a suffix sets everything in motion—and that all fate is linguage and, in these terms, logical.

Meanwhile, we have a young American writer and his fierce debut. What he has dared to set down is strange, very strange—and very strangely fascinating. I admire this book. Many of these tales, particularly the short-shorts, remain enigmatic, resistant to any explication; yet even they are told in such a compelling fashion that one reads not to understand but merely to witness.


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Brian Evenson Some of my later work has continued evenskn explore violence, but often in different ways, introducing affect and emotional content or exploring different sorts of combinations and the intensities to which they lead. It has some very odd moments. I think that all my work has an element of humor to it, which is admittedly usually very much black humor. Your humor, perhaps most fully brothere The Wavering Knifeis dark and hard. Since the stories in The Wavering Knife what have you been working on? Wandering in a large house. Writing Father of Lies.

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Brian Evenson

Mazugis Thematically, I do seem to be drawn to certain kinds of stories, certain kinds of suffering. Most of it has been published in literary venues, but there does seem to be a lot of interest in it from other places as well — a few stories have been gathered in genre anthologies of various kinds, and one of my favorite novellas, The Brotherhood of Mutilationwas published by a evnson press that mainly does horror. Nonetheless, Evenson has asserted that he maintains a measure of respect for svenson believers in the LDS Church and does not intend to casually offend or provoke them. Did you ever think that writing fiction would affect your life as significantly as it has?

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