For other uses, see Breathing Underwater disambiguation. It tells the story of year-old Nicholas Andreas, a wealthy Miami teen who is sent to anger management because his girlfriend, Caitlin, takes out a restraining order against him. Ordered by the judge to write about his relationship, Nick tells of falling in love with her, and the eventual time when his anger took over and he hit her. Flinn based the book in part on her experience as a lawyer working with domestic violence cases.

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Start your review of Breathing Underwater Breathing Underwater, 1 Write a review Shelves: must-teen-reads Breathing Underwater is a staple in my clasroom.

This book is written so well that it becomes the hook for my non-reading students. I learned about the thought process of someone that abuses mentally and physically. I also learned about why someone might stay in an abusive relationship.

I found myself having empathy for the main character even though he had made large mistakes. Yes, it captured my interest and I read it quickly. I want my kids to be hanging out with their friends from church, not having sex on the weekends. It seems like authors that try to write like this write about the minority of high school kids. They are wanting the student body to understand that NOT everyone is doing it, so it bugs me when teen literature makes it seem like everyone does meaning alcohol, sex, etc.

I understand from a friends review that the author was compelled to write this story after working with battered women and children.

I can see that she is trying to get the message out there that says you are in control of your own actions and feelings.

You need to own up to them and take responsiblity. The ending was very predictable. I knew as soon as the book started that he would have an ah-ha moment and suddenly be better or at least be on the road to better at the end. It seemed to "wrapped in a pretty package" to me and I think that high schoolers will see right through it.

When I have felt the most compelled to change in my life, it has always been situations weather listening to someone or even reading something that the spirit was there. I think there are more uplifting books on the market to get teens to understand the point the author was trying to make. Until then, I felt like this book was about a jerk who ended up realizing his errors and wanting to change.

The problem is that when he wanted to change, the book was over. There was no time spent on the change. The kid in this book got lucky that he was sentenced to take this class. Not many people in real life are going to voluntarily take those type of classes. So, to end, this book was fine for just reading. But to create change like I suspect the author was trying to do, I think it fails miserably.

So folks, that is my initial gut reaction of this book. I am going to sleep on it, and I may change my mind tomorrow!!


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